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Matthew 6:10

 Dakota Lee
  Visiting Heaven since
  12 Years Old

Beautiful Nature

About Dakota

Dakota and horse Sonny-D

Dakota saw her first vision at 4 years old.

At 8, she saw angels for the firs time.

At 10, she met Jesus.

At 12, God started letting her visit Heaven.

From a young age, Dakota's purpose has been clear; 

Bring People Closer To God

She does this through her story-telling in books, public speaking, and social media. Dakota runs the Walk With Jesus Community online, where she fosters a ministry that embraces the 'Big Questions' of God, and where she shares her visions in depth.

Dakota's coaching program is Promised Land Coaching, where she offers courses, group, and 1-on-1 coaching for individuals who want a deeper connection to God. If you'd like to speak to Dakota for a 1-time call, click here.

Dakota also offers Animal Communication Sessions. She learned from her Heaven visits that animals could communicate, if she learned to listen. At 14 Dakota began to speak to animals, and by the time she graduated college, she was a professional Animal Communicator. 

Dakota has a B.A. degree in Anthrozoology from Carroll College in Montana. She lives in the Southern United States with her adoring husband, 3 cute (but clingy) dogs, and her precious horse, Sonny-D (pictured above). 


Contact Dakota

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