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About Dakota

About Dakota


Dakota has a horse named Sonny-D (above), and a cat named Spirit. 

For Dakota's senior project at Carroll College, she trained an untouchable mustang named River (right) in just six weeks, and helped her find an adopter. 

Today, Dakota works primarily in the United States, but has also worked with animals in countries like South Africa and the Netherlands. 

Dakota is extremely passionate about this work, and loves giving animals the voice they deserve. 


Dakota Lee has been communicating with animals since she was 14 years old.


She followed her passion and graduated from Carroll College with a B.A. in Anthrozoology, the study of human-animal interaction.

Over the years, Dakota has helped hundreds of animals and people find peace and understanding through her unique gift. 

Dakota can communicate with any animal, wild or domestic, big or small, long-distance or in-person, with very little information given to pick up the connection.

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