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Walk with Jesus Community
with Dakota Lee

You.        Jesus.      Next Level.

God Wants YOU, Without the Laws of Religion Getting in the Way.

Learn what that means and grow closer to Jesus than ever before. 

$33 a month, or Pay What You Want

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It's Time for 


If you:

  • Can't feel God's peace...

  • Want Jesus as your BFF (best friend forever), but haven't heard from him in a while ...

  • Are angry at God ...

  • Have questions of your faith that others stay silent about ...

  • Were hurt by your church or religious family, but still desire Jesus ...

  • Need a miracle in your life ...

  • Have a fear of death ...

  • Just love Jesus and want more of him ...

Then join the Walk With Jesus Community!

Experience GOD

The Way You've Been Craving.

  • Get Answers to Your Big Questions
    about God:


    • What is Heaven like?

    • What are spiritual gifts, and how do
      I use them?


    • What happens to people in Heaven?

    • Does everyone go to Heaven?

    • How do angels and demons work?

    • How to pray?

    • How to find God's purpose for my life?

    • What does Jesus think of me?

    • and so many more​​

  • Learn what a legalism-free life with Jesus looks like.

  • Get opportunities to connect with God and Jesus directly; without having to go through other people.

  • Gain the support of like-minded believers outside of a church environment.

  • Be transformed by real miracles through Holy Spirit led calls.

cross of jesus on a natural background.jpg

by Dakota's Testimony


Be Inspired


  • Dakota shares what she's seen, and all of it points to Jesus as the answer. 

  • Join Dakota in weekly Zoom calls answering the Big Questions.
           (focusing on Heaven, Jesus, and spirituality)

  • Weekly calls for Worship and Healing, where prayers for healing come true.

  • Get access to the recordings of previous calls, with topics like:         

    • Spiritual Warfare

    • Suicide and Heaven

    • What Heaven Looks Like

    • Healing like Jesus

    • What Happens to People Who Don't Go To Heaven?

  • Access to a Non-Judgmental community to support your spiritual growth.

Dakota Lee was given a gift from God to see into the spiritual world. Since she was a child, she saw angels, Jesus, and when​ she was 12, God started letting her visit Heaven

$33 a Month or
Pay What You Want

Recommended monthly price is $33, but there is a Pay What You Want option with the minimum of $1. Dakota doesn't want price to stop anyone from joining, and walking with Jesus.

Why not a minimum of $0? Because the haters won't join if they have to give credit card info.
We gotta have some boundaries!


  • What if I Can't Attend a Call?

    • All calls are recorded to watch later. 

    • Submit your specific questions ahead of time, so Dakota can answer them during the call. 

  • Is this a Biblically based group?

    • Yes. While bringing in Bible studies, The Walk With Jesus Community seeks to dismantle religious legalism. This group will be a breath of fresh air to those who have suffered from Spiritual Abuse. 

  • What if I don't like it?

    • Cancel your subscription at any time.​



"The WWJC has brought me closer and deeper to God than I have ever been. The excitement of finding out all these incredible details and facts about Heaven, the way God thinks, and anything about Jesus has kept me hooked!"


"I feel like my eyes have been opened to truly living, and it’s all because I now understand what it means to follow Jesus our Savior! ❤️❤️❤️"


"The Holy Spirit (the Comforter) has lead me straight to Dakota. Over the past year I have learned why. I first saw Dakota on a TikTok video clip last spring (2023) and was immediately drawn to look for the next and the next post. She started the Walk With Jesus Community in the Fall of 2023 which I joined. We communicate on the website and on Zoom calls.  The results and lessons learned from Dakota's gift to visit the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a spiritual form is astonishing.  She can communicate her experiences in the heavenly realm so clearly you feel you are looking through her spiritual eyes.  If you want to understand why Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the life: no man comes to the Father but by me" (John 14:6) then join us in the Walk With Jesus Community. You will be AMAZED!"

         Steve and Malee:

"We came across Dakota on YouTube just as this group was being launched. We had been re-examining the scripture going deeper in our understanding of Jesus and the cross. Dakota had insights that spoke directly into questions that had been rising in our hearts. What we get from this community is so much more than we could have imagined!!! We feel we have grown in knowing Jesus and his love for us and others on such a deeper level. The freedom and joy it has produced has been amazing. It has been such a joy to take this journey with a community that is encouraging each other as we are pursuing the same goal. We would definitely encourage anyone to check out our community"


"After joining the walk with Jesus Community, my perspectives on many things have shifted quite a bit. This past year, I have craved to get closer to God and Jesus and he answered my prayers with Dakota and this community of amazing brothers and sisters. I love our healing hour calls where I have seen the power of God, the Holy Spirit, and have witnessed healing. I have also learned A LOT!!! of heaven, God’s Love, and more of Jesus. I can’t get enough and every week I just crave more. I love how we are all here for each other and it truly feels like a wonderful support system and family. Every time we have our zoom calls, I leave with my cup full/overflowing. I love this community and really can no longer continue my life without this amazing community that has brought me closer to God."

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Join the Walk With Jesus Community

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